North East India is famous for its tea production whereas, India is famous for its famous clay cups, which are used to serve millions of people everyday with Chai (Indian term for tea). Kolkata serves as the hub for the tea business in India, all the exports and dispatches of tea from Assam and Darjeeling take place in Kolkata. It is also known for the highest consumption of Kulhad cups in India. (People of Kolkata do have a sweet tooth!)

The tea served in these cups taste very different (in a good and yummy kind of way) from the usual tea we drink at our place. What is their special ingredient? To be honest, I have no idea! A kulhad has a capacity to hold 250 ml of liquids. It ranges between Rs.2/- to Rs.10/-

An article recently threw light on the way of drinking tea from kulhad and mentioned that most of the people have been drinking it in the wrong way. With every sip from the kulhad chai, we are supposed to nibble at the kulhad itself. When we do that, tiny bits of clay enter your mouth and give an extra bit of flavour to your tea and give it an earthy feel.

I guess I finally found their secret ingredient! A cup of tea makes everything better but a kulhad wali chai makes everything the best!

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